Finding the tools to help children learn


As a new mom I am always seeking out information on the newest ways to help my son reach his developmental milestones. I know that although he is just an infant, the first year of life is very impressionable. With so many toys, books, videos and programs on the market it is exhausting to find the best ones available. I look to other Mom’s out there for advice, suggestions and support for just about everything else,  my child’s development should be no different…right?

This is unfortunately where all the niceties of sharing knowledge ends and  instead the shift moves towards simple, unadulterated competition. While I hope my child will meet all of his milestones on time or before, I don’t want to become the mother who asks another what benchmarks their child has met just so I can brag about my own. Instead, I chose to create this blog as a format to help encourage one another in the learning and development of our children. Let these posts become a positive for another mother, father, or grandparent in finding tools that help their children learn. Every child has their own set of needs, and sharing our own successes and failures will help others find better ways to reach their children. I look forward to starting this journey with everyone…let’s get started!